Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Belated!

Team Lolly
I know, I know... I am long overdue to write a post. Our newest addition to Team Lolly though has had me feeling like a zombie at times... and therefore, rendered me incapable of blogging... and also of writing any thank you cards :o).  I'm hoping the one year rule for wedding thank yous applies to baby showers as well.

Guilty as charged of the smell

And I know, I know... what kind of person would blame a baby... but he has to get used to it...  he will be my scapegoat for any unwanted expelled gas in public. Hahaha... and for any tardiness on my behalf.

Anyhows, here's what we've missed writing about these past few months...

Kiss me I'm Irish & adorable.

Happy Belated St Patrick's Day!

First family outing:
Cherry Blossom Festival
in Fairmount Park

Happy Belated Spring!

Happy Belated First Wedding

Owen's 1st Easter

Happy Belated Easter!

Happy Belated
4th Birthday to
Rylan Cruz
in Heaven!

Happy Belated Nurse's Day!

Happy Belated Cinco de Mayo!

And best of all...
Happy Belated Mama's Day!

lots and lots of belated love...
little lisa lollipop & Owen Armando