Sunday, June 29, 2014

Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs

Speaking of the NBA playoffs... this is a long overdue post. Couldn't post this without the pix though... just wouldn't be the same. Good thing we are up and running now.

Future NBA playoff featured here... and if that doesn't pan out, perhaps Sumo wrestling will have to do... the way he's packing on the pounds :o). knew the playoffs were going to be good from Game 1 when LeBron had his LeCramp. And whether you are a LeBron fan or not, you have to admit that some of the Spurs fan posters in Game 2 were hilarious!

Giant poster size ones of him crying...                             Kind of reminded me of this...
Disclaimer: Note no babies were harmed or injured in taking this picture.                                  
Another funny sign... "I was gonna make a cool Spurs poster...but then my hand cramped."

Shout to Kawhi Leonard, the MVP.
Side note... after we became pregnant last year, we learned to think of Owen's age in terms of weeks. And now that Owen is here, we still think in terms of weeks... since a few weeks makes a big difference when it comes to babies. But never have a seen a grown man's age written this way. See... Kawki Leonard isn't almost 23, he's 22 years 350 days old.  Hilarious!

lots of love and basketball...
little lisa lollipop

Friday, June 27, 2014

i luh ya papi. i luh ya luh ya luh ya papi.......... by J.Lo.

The song can't say it enough times...
and i can't get it out of my head either...
i luh ya papi. i luh ya luh ya luh ya papi...
that's the only part that i know :o)

Truth be told... Juan, my papi, really liked the Father's Day poem, but perhaps my poem was a little too sentimental for some :o). And truth be told... i am the one always losing things, so that part was more about me than him. But the most important thing is that we can always laugh about things, and that is perhaps what i love most about him. I know how blessed I am, & Mimi said it best, it is all said with love.

To lighten the mood... let's try Jimmy Kimmel's mystery item pictures.  Essentially he shows you a small portion of a picture, & you have to guess what the item really is.

Picture #1:

Looks like real art, right?
Zoom out....     it is really a milk fang.

Picture #2:
I know what you are thinking!
Zoom out...  it is Owen's chubby thigh.

Picture #3:
You guessed it right.
Zoom out... Camel butt!

Hope you enjoyed the mystery pictures.
Forgot to mention that Juan enjoyed his Father's Day with Owen.
They spent all day together... watched the World Cup and the NBA playoffs...
it doesn't get much better than that.

lots of luh...
little lisa lollipop

Sunday, June 8, 2014

When Life Gives You Lemons...

When life gives you lemons... 
We all know how the quote ends, right. You make lemonade!

Nobody ever sounded cuter saying it though than Alex Scott. And this weekend was the official Alex Scott Lemonade Stand weekend... the anniversary weekend of when Alex held her first lemonade stand at the age of four.  She made two thousand dollars at that first sale back in 2000... all of which she donated to the doctors... "to help other kids, like they helped me." After raising more than $1 million before her passing in 2004, her legacy lives on and has raised millions to help find a cure for childhood cancer.  

On Friday we went to the annual Pitcher of Hope celebration... and it was bitter sweet... kind of like lemonade. Hahaha. Bitter because there was no flashmob :o(  ...and sweet because we have Owen to celebrate with us... and, of course, because I'm still here :o). Owen suited up for the occasion... as Barney would say. And, he got his first tattoos. I, on the other hand, was tempted to wear one of these T-shirts...  but thought they might not fall within the CHOP dress code standards.


Bottoms up!
lots of love & lemonade...
"curing childhood cancer one cup at a time"
little lisa lollipop

P.S. Did you know that Alex was also an accomplished author... and all the people pictured in her book depict people in her life. And you might find a certain someone that you know.. hint hint.. look for the person with one leg. :o)

P.S. You are looking at Owen's chubby thigh :o)