Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy National Cat Day!

Did you ever notice there's a day      and a month to celebrate everything? Some worthy of having it's own day... while others... not so much. Today happens to be National Cat Day... which in my book is a worthy one.

We have 2 girl cats, and even though they're 5, i still call them kittens. They have brought me so much joy over the years.  Our kittens are litter mats and best friends... well they used to be BFF.  Now... not so much. They both are obsessed with eating, and Zöey is just like the cat in the video... trying to wake it's owner for food. What she also does, that isn't in the video is breath in my ear and put her ass in my face. Not so much fun to wake up to. Gotta love them.

Zöey as a kitten
Mayá as a kitten

   Old farts

OMG! National Drinking Straw Day.
That's cra-cra. Pass the cat nip!

Other upcoming holidays to look forward to... Pizza with the works except anchovies Day: November 12th, Flossing Day: November 29th.  And forget about New Year's Day, January 3rd is Drinking Straw Day. Holllllaaar! I'll be looking forward to them all... as the cheesy saying goes, everyday is a gift... especially if there's a kitty in it.

Lots of love... little lisa lollipop meow

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