Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cali love… part 1

Sorry for the delay in this long overdue post. We had some computer glitches, and it didn't feel right to post about my new love without including pictures.  Well... it's almost been a month since our return, but i miss it so much already. Pure, unadulterated, Cali love!

We first heard these words on our bike ride along the Venice Beach bike path. An older man riding his  bike with a huge California flag shouted it to us. Perhaps under the influence (if you've ever been to Venice Beach, you know what i mean), but nevertheless, his words stayed with us. Cali Love! I personally like to say it in a Barry White sexy voice :o).

Venice Beach bike ride

We went to California to find out the sex of our little pumpkin, and on Halloween we met him so to speak. As you know, it's a boy! We made a honeymoon trip out of our visit too. We traveled a total of 1,382 miles in our rental. Up, down, and around California. Each place promising to be the place where we would relocate to and spend the rest of our lives. We loved it all.

Rental car complete with bird poo
after being on the road for 12 hours

And the taste of yummy food like churros

In some ways, your senses are heightened. You can literally feel the warmth of the sunshine... I now know why my beloved Jimmy Kimmel always taunts us about the warm weather out there. Or the smell when driving past huge strawberry farms... so yummy. The artichokes farms… not so much. The peaceful sounds of the ocean and seals. And the views… amazing. I am smitten!!

lots of Cali Love to you all…
little lisa lollipop


  1. I totally agree with the cali love, Benjamin and eleanor ask regularly, when are we moving back to California? You literally feel everything around you, its a completely different vibe, one you can't forget, and leaves you feeling like you want to marinate in nature! Here's to Cali love :) - Elizabeth :)

    1. so cute! it must be a Peck thing :o) still can't wait to hear about San Diego. see you on Munchkin Sunday.