Sunday, June 29, 2014

Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs

Speaking of the NBA playoffs... this is a long overdue post. Couldn't post this without the pix though... just wouldn't be the same. Good thing we are up and running now.

Future NBA playoff featured here... and if that doesn't pan out, perhaps Sumo wrestling will have to do... the way he's packing on the pounds :o). knew the playoffs were going to be good from Game 1 when LeBron had his LeCramp. And whether you are a LeBron fan or not, you have to admit that some of the Spurs fan posters in Game 2 were hilarious!

Giant poster size ones of him crying...                             Kind of reminded me of this...
Disclaimer: Note no babies were harmed or injured in taking this picture.                                  
Another funny sign... "I was gonna make a cool Spurs poster...but then my hand cramped."

Shout to Kawhi Leonard, the MVP.
Side note... after we became pregnant last year, we learned to think of Owen's age in terms of weeks. And now that Owen is here, we still think in terms of weeks... since a few weeks makes a big difference when it comes to babies. But never have a seen a grown man's age written this way. See... Kawki Leonard isn't almost 23, he's 22 years 350 days old.  Hilarious!

lots of love and basketball...
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  1. honestly i kinda lost interest in NBA ever since the retirement of Michael Jordan and similarly in football after Beckham. Certain personalities really are important.