Thursday, September 17, 2015

Post 97: !VIVA!

It's been soooo long since I've blogged... that I couldn't even remember my sign in password. Insert drum and cymbal sound  (after the comedian makes a funny remark).  But really... true story... like the comedian says too.

Apologies too... this is just a quick post. Had I remembered my password, I would have been able to post this on the correct date... yesterday. Which is September 16th or in Mexico, Independence Day! Sorry to all the partiers out there, it's not cinco de Mayo :o( But any excuse to celebrate Mexico is a good enough excuse despite what Trump says.

Better late than never...

P.S. September is also Childhood Cancer Awareness month. Hashtag kids should be cancer free.

!VIVA los ninos que tienen cancer!  !VIVA! And, of course, adults should be as well (cancer free that is). !VIVA!  And speaking of cancer, I finished my radiation treatments in August. My follow-up MRI is this Friday, September 18th. So keep all those fingers and toes crossed if you don't mind. !VIVA LISA! :o)

I miss you... but this little 18 month off sucks all of what little energy i have, out of me.

lots and lots of love... little lisa lollipop


  1. We do cross our fingers and we were crossing them waiting for updates....

  2. From Belmont hills to traduation from BHS, you were in my homeroom every year. Always a joy to be around. Always smiling. Always light hearted. Always a friend to all who were in need. What I didn't know was how much courage and determination were in your heart and bones!
    God bless you and your family, Lisa.