Sunday, June 23, 2013

Here come's the sun... by the Beatles

Hi everyone!
I think I am finally recovered from my long hospital day on Thursday.
It was like a full work day. For those of you who care :o)... this is what it entailed.

07:30 am departure from home
08:00 am proton radiation... number 15 of 20, baby! Wooo Whooo
08:45 am meet with my great radiation oncology team for follow up
10:00ish CT scan of the chest
11:30ish MRI of the liver
12:30 pm arrival to last MD appointment
2:00 pm finally got into a consultation room.
I was so hungry & had ants in my pants at this point.
3:00 pm got to see my IR doctor, but as always, he was worth the wait. He's got amazing bedside manner and really explains things well to patients. So really... no complaints.
3:30 pm departure from hospital

Should my niece have been there with me, she would have been cracking up.
See... apparently based off the MRI, I had what the medical world calls hepatic infarct. But when you say infarct, it sounds like the word fart. And you know how kids and myself included sometimes find anything with poop and farts hilarious. So... a hepatic infarct is just a fancy way of saying that a lot of the left side of my liver lost blood supply causing it to die. Zoinks Scooby. But no worries... it'll recover. Well aside from hepatic infarcts :o), I'm doing well. The fevers are now gone, but the fatigue, nausea, and vomiting from the radiation are starting to kick in. But nothing i can't handle. And... bonus is I've lost a few L.B.s :o) even though my doctors don't like that, but I have to get ready for the summer. And speaking of which... HAPPY BELATED SUMMER! I'm so glad it's finally here.
Ocean City 2012

Wishing you lots of sunshine and lots of love...
little lisa lollipop

P.S. don't forget to apply sunscreen especially to your head if you're bald like me :o)

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