Monday, July 8, 2013


I don't know what it is... I'm 38 years old, and i still call my father, 'daddy.'
When I lived in Mexico, I learned the word for daddy is papi. However, the women
will use it universally... calling their little boys papi, calling their dads papi, calling their men/husbands papi, and then, of course, there's the oooooh papi. No translation needed. Anyhows, upon returning from Mexico, I thought it would be cute to start calling my daddy papi instead.

Papi's birthday...circa 2004
Fast forward some years later... my parents and i went on a trip to the Dominican Republic. At the resort they have entertainment staff to encourage participation in events. So my papi and i decided to join the ping-pong competition. We put our names on the list... Lisa and my dad proudly said, "Papi."

The ping-pong games later began, and they called all the names including myself and Papi. Papi got to go first, so I hung back to watch and chatted with the worker. And that is when it happened... he was talking to me as if my father and i were lovers!!! And from that moment on,  I'm back to calling him daddy.

Well Papi or daddy is the smartest man i know. In fact, if i don't know something, my two thoughts are either google it or ask daddy. Happy Birthday, daddy. I love you to pieces.

lots of love... little lisa lollipop

P.S. Sorry i haven't been posting, I'm down the shore for some R&R. My internet access has also been limited. Happy belated Fourth of July!

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  1. I love your Blog Lisa. It was really nice meeting you. Loads of Love, Philomena