Thursday, February 28, 2013

find a penny, pick it up...

...all day long you'll have good luck!
My lucky penny!
Found today while doing errands. It was just sitting next to my foot.

Who said that? Ben Franklin?
No, he said a penny saved is a penny earned. It must have been one of the pink ladies from Grease. Quick footnote regarding Ben Franklin -it is said that he discovered electricity with his kite and key on the street where i grew up.

Anyways, i hope it's a sign. I've always been superstitious when it comes to good luck. Perhaps it's the Irish in me. I also read into signs. (*There's a pix of a sign below). I'll lift my one leg while driving and crossing railroad tracks... to make a wish, and I'll make wishes on the clock when it says 11:11, 12:21 (my birthday), and 10:23 (my anniversary date).  My alarm is set for 9:15 am, and the alarm title is: la hora que dios me trajo al mundo - the time/hour that God brought me into the world.  But i always hit snooze since i'm not a morning person. Most of the time, i'll hit it twice.  Have always been a night owl. My mother, Saint Eleanor, says as a baby i would always cry -to be picked up and taken out of my crib once Johnny Carson would start. Heeeerrreeee's Johnny! Hence some late night posts too.  P.S. I have a whole bunch of great Latino traditions/ superstitions that i do for New Years! Maybe on another post.  Gracias, Patricia, por el consejo de los chones amarillos.

My man, Ben

There's something liberating about facing your own mortality. You can speak frankly about all your thoughts and not care if everyone finds out what you've known all along: you're a dork. ha ha ha.

With that being said, I'll let you in on my other theory.  It may be about the numbers since I'm also a math geek at heart.  Did i mention that i'm also a sudoku champion. Evidence included below. Well whatever it may be, I'll be picking up every penny that I see in the meantime.
But not the ones on tails :o).

lots of love...little lisa lollipop

P.S. My father just called.  He noticed a typo on my last post: Team Edward or Team Jacob?  He was born in Austria (of German decent), and he came to the States when he was twelve.  While growing up, we were required to go to German school on Saturdays.  And on Sunday, Saint Eleanor sent us to Sunday school. So there were no breaks for us Haffner girls. Anyways, the correct spelling is dankeschon,
but i still can't get the umlauet on the O. I'm not that tech savvy.
* The big noodle: the sign i saw today

Driving thru the city today, i discovered this huge mac and cheese noodle in Love Park. Had never seen it before. To me this is a sign... since i had referenced mac and cheese in my first post! That's how my crazy brain works. 

How do you like them apples, Sean F?


  1. I love the blog. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I want a rematch....actually I don't. It was too much of embarrassment for me. You are rain man when it comes to Sudoku. Sean F

  2. Ben Franklin discovered electricity in Bensalem? Where did you hear that story? It had to be from someone in Bensalem!

    1. Where do you think the 'Ben' in Bensalem comes from. Lol. Sometimes we would even see people with their metal detectors searching for the key.

  3. I too believe in signs. Guess what library book I pulled out of Ella's backpack this morning after reading your blog?? The SAME Who Was Ben Franklin book!! That is a true sign my friend!!!
    Thinking & praying for you daily :)
    XO, Stef

  4. Hi Lisa. It's been way too long since we've talked. I have such fond memories of working with you, as you were one of only a few people with whom I could share my complaints, gripes and personal thoughts with while working in oncology. I still fondly recall going to Ronald McDonald camp with you in, when was that, 2003?? Remeber when I gave you piggie-back rides up and down the dirt-covered bumpy hill? Remember when any one who didn't know us thought we were both, "campers" and instead of the nursing staff? I have lots of pics if you ever want to see them. I miss you!
    Lots of love, prayers, luck, etc.... Anita