Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

The Chicken or the Egg? To Be or Not to Be?
That is the question.
And my question is still metastatic cholangiocarcinoma or  metastatic pancreatic cancer?

There's a big conference today with different doctors at Penn Medicine to ultimately decide my fate. The diagnosis of cholangio yada yada yada would bring surgery as a possible option. Nip Tuck, Snip Snip... I hope. So I'm Team Cholangio! Never want to root for cancer, but perhaps this may be the lesser of two evils. Fingers still crossed.

St John Newmann
So I don't have any new information just yet, but hopefully today will bring some good news. Keep the prayers coming. Yesterday I visited a nearby shrine to Saint John Newmann on 5th and Girard. I went there many years ago as a child when I was first diagnosed with cancer.  I have been so lucky and blessed so far, so I keep praying for a good outcome again. Of course, I also prayed for world peace - like Miss America would. :o)

Thank you all so much for your prayers and for spreading my story. The more prayers, the merrier!!  Forgot to also mention that I have been a pediatric oncology nurse for almost 15 years. I love all those beautiful little bald headed children/warriors. Shout out to all of them and my CHOP peops. HOLLAA!!!  So needless to say, I  have a team of angels in heaven too. Una banda de angeles or a gang of angels as they would say in Spanish. And this gang has a notorious gang leader. More details to come in my McDonald's story. Coming soon to a post near you.

Portrait of me. Art work done by my favorite niece last year.
I didn't have the heart to tell her that she drew the wrong leg!

Muchas Gracias for all your love and support.  Danke Schon (umlaut on that o) for your kind words, inspiring comments, the emails, the texts, the cards, and especially for all the prayers... whether spoken out loud or in silence.  Sorry I have not been able to personally thank each and everyone of you.  But know that you are all loved right back.

Lots of love.... little lisa lollipop

Lost & Found in my mailbox- no return address & found empty. :o( But thank you.


  1. Sending you lots of love and praying hard!

  2. Team Cholangio! Lots of love, positive thoughts and smiles your way:)

  3. Lisa! Think of you all the time my friend! Thank you for being my mentor and my teacher, no preceptor has ever compared!! Loving the blog :) am praying hard for you, if there is anything I can do, please don't hesitate to ask!!!

  4. Lisa,
    My family and I have been praying as hard as we could for a miracle to happen. God bless! lots of love and prayers~Mini Trainson