Saturday, January 25, 2014

crappy date night in the ER

Hmmmmm... perhaps a movie?
Had a crappy date night in the ER on Wednesday. Not quite the date night that i had in mind...
i should have known it wasn´t going to go well when it began with... not one but two rectal exams. BOGO, i guess. Worst part... they were in front of my husband :o).

But yes, Holy crap, i now have a GI bleed from an ulcer in my duodenum. i like saying that word...duodenum :o). It´s kind of silly sounding word… Well no wonder i felt like crap. I had noticed that my dukey was darker the past week or so, & my heart started racing with any kind of exertion too. Come Tuesday though, i noticed i was super pale… which all leads me to this…our "date night" in the emergency room. That's me super cold super pale. All dressed up & no place to go :o).

Got some blood and started to feel better, and i got my freckles back. Have never been so happy to see them.  Side note: my hemoglobin was 4.5 down from 12.8 earlier this month.

Continuing on with the date… cocktail time! After all it had to be 5 o'clock somewhere as they say. But this was not the beverage i had in mind :o). So in preparation of having an upper endoscopy and colonoscopy on thursday (to locate the source of the bleeding), i needed to drink 4 liters of this Golytly to clear out my bowels. Yes, i said 4 liters of this crap :o).

And if you've ever wondered what Golytly tastes like, picture this…

But not necessarily in this order. And then shudder!
Okay… so cheers to my bottomless cup of Goltyly and shudder on.

And now to my big bucket of popcorn, right?
Nooo… instead i got a big bucket to poop in… otherwise known as a commode, latrene, porcelain throne, or oval office… as the commercial says. See… i was spending the night in the emergency room, and my little cubicle didn't have it's own bathroom. But my nurse and i figured out how to improvise the whole sock on the doorknob trick for privacy when i was using my bucket.

Eventually… like with any crappy date… you just want it to be over. And in my case, I was praying for my crap to be clear. (That way i wouldn't have to drink anymore since i would then be cleaned out for the tests.)

And in the end, date night wasn't too bad. We did watch two good movies: Prisoners and Captain Phillips. Two thumbs up… no wait… keep those thumbs down :o).                                                  enjoying the newlywed romance…
   lots of love… little lisa lollipop

P.S. Shout out to all the great staff that took care of me :o)


  1. Hola Lisa... te mando muchos saludos. Yo te recuerdo mucho de tu tiempo en Miacatlan. Que Dios te bendiga siempre y no dejes de escribir. Saludos a Juan. Elvy Torres

  2. I love how you write. the very funny way of telling things.
    Lots of love.
    Saludos a los dos.... grandes abrazos Lisa y J. Juan.