Sunday, January 5, 2014

happy place… part 3: Cali trip

Continuing on our travel down the West coast, we stopped at San Luis Obispo… whose claim to fame i heard is to be the happiest place in the US. Well... i saw an Oprah report about it once, so if Oprah says it, it's true :o). And i had to check it out.

In Oprah's report, they said one of the the things why people were happier there... bigger side walks. Okay... i could see how that could make you happy. Another reason, no fast food restaurants in the town center… now that would just suck a@#.

I don't know... perhaps i was expecting to see everyone walking around San Luis Obispo with a big yellow smiley emoji face. But overall, i think we could have just driven past. And how do they really measure that it's the happiest place anyhow?

But... regardless of where you are or where you live… it's about finding happiness in just the little things... no matter how insignificant they may seem to someone else… like wider sidewalks. For my dear friend Kitzy, it's the perfect chapstick :o).

One of mine...the horsie Chessman cookie. I know, silly. But my grandmom, Omi, used to buy them when we were little and our favorite pix was always the horsie. So it's like nostalgia when i get one.

Wishing you happiness in all the little things in life…
along with lots of love!

little lisa lollipop

P.S. A new one: Habit burgers which we came across
in Santa Barbara: thumbs up

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