Thursday, February 27, 2014


The countdown begins!
We are now officially week 38, & we are "nesting"... as all the baby books call it... getting the nursery ready for baby.  Bon-bon, JVo, & Anna were a huge help & painted the nursery while i was still at the hospital. Once i came home, we  assembled the crib... and now we can officially scratch off "become rocket scientists" from our bucket lists.

Aside from having a bad a@# "crib," Owen will also be the best dressed baby because we had not one but two baby showers. The first thrown by my sisters back in January, and the second was my CHOP family put together by Bon-bon, Paula, & Becca. Thank you everyone!

Baby Shower Numero Uno

prune is the new cheese

my sisters & i
I've been blessed so many times in my life. I know... I'm started to sound like a broken record :o). Rylan Cruz was our first little miracle, but he wasn't ours to keep. I truly believe that he is watching over me now... he's the gang leader of Team Lollipop Angels. Sounds like he should be wearing leather and riding a Harley, right. :o)

Well our first miracle led us to our second one. This time though, we had to turn to science, and it took over 3 years... 3 long, exhausting years. We now have Owen Armando... conceived in a petri dish on Father's Day last year.

It was so nice to be surrounded by so many people that I love at both of my showers. And even though I'm not planning on going anywhere, anytime soon... it is comforting and reassuring to know that Owen, likewise, will be so loved and blessed. Thank you for celebrating my boys... Rylan and Owen!

lots of love...little lisa lollipop

CHOP family

Dirty Diaper game

Baby Shower Numero Dos

Chapstick Kitzy & i

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