Friday, February 14, 2014

the Perfect Storm

Celebrating a nice, normal,
brown, formed dukey! Sweet Jesus!
Hi lolly friends!
Where to begin... i am not sure.
Wednesday, after almost 22 days in the hospital, i was discharged home!!! And now, it is only appropriate that we are experiencing this Nor'easter on my first full day home. As much as i despise the cold weather though, i prefer this storm any day over my recent medical one… the Perfect Storm.

Dr. Kiss
It was only the Perfect Storm as so many factors came together in place to save my life… from the ER to Silver 11… from the amazing team taking care of me in the MICU head by Dr Lanfranco… to a fav named Dr. Kiss…sounds like a Gray's Anatomy character, right?… like McSteamy or McDreamy. :o) I really am not making it up.

Even from that first hospital admission on January 22nd, God was by my side. He sent us that first snow storm thus canceling my assigned Jury Duty that Wednesday. And had it not snowed, i might not have asked my doctor to check my blood counts that day… which resulted in a hemoglobin of 4.5. *Footnote: normal hemoglobin is 12-16.

In my last post,  i left off telling you that i had been readmitted a second time for a GI bleed. I did ultimately get discharged home on Friday, January 31st at 2pm, but i never had a chance to post. I ended up returning that same night with... you guessed it, more bleeding.

 My newest theory is that i am like a cat… mostly because i think i have 9 lives. I said it jokingly to my friend during my first admission, but now, after 4 life threatening bleeds within a two week period, i believe it more than ever. Right now, i'm just not sure what number i am on, but it's up there. Yikes!

But whewww... definitelly dodged a bullet or two in this storm... and a knife attack back in January. Even got beat up a little bit: look at my bruises from multiple IV access and swelling from a clot in my catheter. But along with being a cat, i was also a big scaredy cat with the last bleed… the one that landed back in the MICU (medical intensive care unit).  It happened in the middle of last Monday night, February 3rd. (And i thought the rose ceremony on the Bachelor that night was going to be the most dramatic thing ever :o). But after vomiting more that 2 liters of frank red blood and passing out, i was rushed back to the MICU with hemorrhagic shock. As i was about to be intubated, i sought Juan out in the room... to look at him and tell him how much i loved him and our unborn son… and to never forget it. It was the scariest feeling in the world… to not know if this would be the last time we saw each other in this world. (Not to be dramatic or anything :o).

Bad lollipop day

Once again… I am so lucky and blessed! I find myself at a loss of words to express my gratitude… because most of all, i need to thank you... for each and every thought… for each and every prayer that you sent my way over the past weeks.

I truly believe that they as well had a huge part in saving my life during the storm. Thank you for the best Valentine's Day present ev-er!

Be mine!
lots of love and kitty-cat affection to you this Valentine's Day…

little lisa lollipop


  1. Yay!!! Hello Lisa, I am soooo happy to hear you are home and got the prize of a solid # 2 :-) I have been so worried sick and seeing this post although so scary what you went through I am relieved you are finally home where you belong. You are a cat, not doubt and the strongest cat out there. I knew you would pull through. I will continue my prayers and hope this latest ordeals have subsided for good! My kids asked me about you each time I had a sad look on my face :-) Sending lots and lots and lots of love, Happy Valentines Day to you two lovebirds!

  2. Glad you are now home Lisa. You are always in my thoughts. Love you loads

  3. So glad you are praising God through this storm as well! He will continue to show us that silver lining on the cloud if we continue to trust Him! So thankful for "lighter snow!" I am reminded of a powerful song by Casting Crowns: