Friday, May 10, 2013

Ahoy Matey

Perhaps I will try the pirate angle... plus I can really pull it off since i have one leg. And... I got some ink yesterday. But it's not a skull and crossbones or the typical pirate tattoo for that matter. The tattoos that I got yesterday are more like freckles... 5 total. They are used to mark the radiation field, so they are always going in the correct spot once I start... which will be sometime this month. Oddly enough, these are not my first tattoos. I had gotten similar ones back when I received radiation to my right leg when I was ten. All but one of them came off with the leg when I was nineteen. And today happens to be the anniversary of my amputation. It marks the official half way point in my life from when I lost my leg... and i never found it. :o) I remember that I had to sign a medical release form with my surgery saying that I didn't want it back. Isn't that funny. Arrrggghhh! Not sure if I have the right pirate lingo here, but i'll work on it :o). Also wanted to share that I am on the schedule. Yay! (I know a pirate wouldn't say that, but I'm excited). I have my RFA - radiofrequency ablation of the liver lesions this coming Tuesday. Will keep you posted.

lots of love... little lisa lollipop

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