Wednesday, May 22, 2013

hard hats required

Hard hats required... I'm under construction! I'm having my RFA today: Radio Frequency Ablation. Yay!
R, R, R to the F.
F, F, F to the A.
R to the F.
F to the A.

Sorry... old high school cheer  (but we would use our high school initials instead: B.H.S.). I'm
just really excited to move forward and get some of this junk out of me. Aside from burning out any liver cancer lesions, Dr S. will do another biopsy to send out for further "paternity" testing... to identify this cancer once and for all. As Maury Povich would say... "Pancreatic cancer, you are NOT the father." :o) But we'll see who the daddy is soon enough.

zip lining in 2009 
More construction later today at 6pm for my first proton radiation treatment... to the nodules in the pancreas area. So... I'll be a new and improved woman by the end of the day :o)

lots of love...
the old and the new little lisa lollipop

P.S. we could rock the hard hat look.


  1. Good luck with everything today, Lisa! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers constantly.

  2. Lisa Sciotto ElisioMay 22, 2013 at 11:27 AM

    Thinking about you all of time! Good luck with everything today! :)

  3. Good luck, Lisa! We're rooting for you!

  4. Hi Lisa,
    So Glad you are having your treatment today. Good luck and don't get too burnt:)I've been reading your blogs. You are a funny girl! I am from the Forrestel's side. (Jack and Ann's 9th kid)
    Love you, XO Kathy Vallen