Saturday, May 18, 2013

one tough cookie

I'm channeling my inner cookie, and i would like to think that I am one tough cookie :o). Of course, it has to be chocolate chip because they're my favorite. And preferably served with milk :o). And to celebrate my good news, I made chocolate chip cookies yesterday.

See... this past week has had a lot of ups and downs. In the end, I am now approved from my insurance company for both the RFA (radio frequency ablation) and the proton radiation therapy. Originally, I was supposed to have the RFA done this past Tuesday, but it was cancelled. Now I can officially post... without changing what I say... that my RFA will be this Wednesday morning. And the radiation will begin that night at 6pm. Yay! I never thought i would be so excited for radiation and a medical procedure, but I'm ecstatic!
Just want the cancer out and gone! Gone, baby, gone.

Sorry for taking a long break in posting. Aside from not having a clear medical answer, I hadn't posted for awhile because I had been having bad headaches that I just couldn't shake. But I have been thinking of you... because your prayers are working. The other day my doctor and I were talking about my scans and how happy we were that all was stable. I asked her if it was common for this cancer to grow on treatment and not respond; she said it's more common than not. So again... I am so lucky and blessed. I cannot thank you all enough for your prayers. Please keep them coming :o)

Well... I haven't been up to much. My lungs continue to improve as well as my headaches (we think they may have been allergies, go figure). Patti gave me a funny hat, and I saw my first double rainbow last Saturday when we were celebrating Mother's Day early. Now I can check it off my bucket list. :o)

lots of love & chocolate chip cookies... milk optional

little lisa lollipop


  1. Double Rainbow, Oh my God!! It double rainbow all the way!!

  2. SO glad to hear this news! Praying for you now and always, Lisa!

  3. I have been worried about you due to the lack of posts. Glad you have had great news though!!!! We are praying for you and I am happy that you are doing well.

    Bill Alba

  4. Keep going... Keep going, you are in my prayers every night!!!
    Have you thinking to be a "Super heroe"? You will be awesome... Yeihhhhhh :D
    Aurora Z

  5. You are the toughest cookie we know!! Hannah has been having headaches from what the docs think are allergies as well. Of all the things, allergies. LOL Hang in there! Love you!