Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Nurse's Day!!!

Happy Nurse's Day to all nurses...
and especially to my coworkers of 3 East/3South!!
Words can not express how overwhelmed I have been from all of your love and support over the
past months. You have only proven what I have already known... you are an amazing group of people. Muchas gracias for everything.

lots of love back to all of you...
little lisa lollipop

P.S. That's my picture from our staff picture
board on 3East/3South. :o)

The following was written one of our former coworkers and one of the funniest nurses that I know: Teresa Conte.  It's an ode to the staff on our floor: 3East/3South.

Any time I tell people what I do; I brace myself for the inevitable.
"I work at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia."
"What department?"
"Oh my gosh, how do you do that? It must be sooooo sad. You must be an angel..."

OK, let me start off by saying that if you know me at all, rarely does the word "angel" come to mind... but I realize that people who do not share in my world have no idea how amazing it is. OK, right, cancer and chemotherapy and blood counts do not sound like a party. But I have just about the best job in the world, as corny as that might sound. I have the privilege of working with the most amazing group of nurses I have ever known. These men and women have had an impact on my life that words can not easily describe. Each and every member of our staff has contributed in some way to the lives of our kids, and their accomplishments blow me away everyday.

They are there, everyday of the battle against this horrible disease. They are in family meetings when the devastating news of the diagnosis is given. They are there to hold the hand of a child getting his blood work. They are there to rub the head of the little girl whose spinal tap is particularly challenging. They are in medical rounds to give a voice from the bedside. They are there at night to tuck in a baby after his parents have gone to get a much needed cup of coffee. They are there to help guide a resident through a rough night.

These men and women that I work with never cease to amaze me. I have been busy. I have been frustrated. I have been overwhelmed at times. But I have never been alone... These men and women are truly unique and special. I am so proud to work with them. From the experienced nurse who serves as a mentor, to the new graduate whose infectious enthusiasm reminds me why I chose this profession... all of them bring something unique to our unit. Some of us have been personally touched by cancer in our own lives. Yet, even with the experience being so close to home, we manage to look beyond ourselves and reach out to continue to help our patients and families. It is an amazing spirit that can reassure a parent when life itself is so uncertain. It takes an amazing spirit to make laughter fill the halls of a hospital. It takes an amazing spirit to see the beauty of a bald head.

These men and women all qualify. There is a silent camaraderie among us and a sense that we are all in this battle together. Are we perfect? Not by along shot, but I think that's what makes the journey all that more interesting. When people ask me, "How do you do it?" I often think of my fellow nurses on 3East/3South and ask myself, "How could I not do this?"

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  1. You gals and guys at CHOP Onco are the best. We will never forget and always be gratefull for all of you. You are the best in the world. Thank you all. We spent many many many hours together you are like family.