Monday, May 20, 2013

best gift EVER!

The other day I came across my best gift ever! A little boy gave it to me almost 15 years ago. It was a going away present. A half used eraser. To some... it may not look like much, but I knew its value...  to someone who had so little.

See... my chicos in Mexico had little possessions of their own. Come to think of it... they each had their own 2 pairs of panties and a toothbrush. That's it... and perhaps a few little items that they would hide under their pillows. Everything else was shared. They all shared a few lockers of clothes. And if you were last in line to get dressed that day, were pretty much screwed if it didn't fit. The caretakers kept their toothbrushes together and would have a roll call so to say when it was time to brush. Each toothbrush identified by its color and how many lines were scratched on it, such as red 3. Always followed by an enthusiastic, "Yo!" or "Me!"
 prized bottle of lotion

On the Day of the Three Kings, gift bags were donated to all the kids. Of course, they were excited to get some toys... but I have never seen someone even more excited about a bottle of shampoo or lotion. "Lisa! Shampooooooooo!" as he held it up in the air as it were a prize. Of course... it would later be taken away and placed with all the community items. Poor little guy.

circa 1998

Well I feel blessed for all I have... and especially to have my eraser. It's too precious for me to even use.

lots of love... little lisa lollipop

P.S. Note the triple bunk sleeping arrangements for the chicos.

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