Tuesday, March 5, 2013

B-E-A-T CANCER...............my fight/my cause

little lisa lollipop
with 2 legs & a kick
a*# scrunchie
BEAT Cancer
BEAT Cancer

Back in the good 'ol days of Bensalem High School, this was one of my favorite cheers.  Years later, a little girl at the hospital was obsessed with cheerleading, so I created this cheer for her. Except in the original version, you say beat panthers or tigers or whatever the mascot of the opposing team would be. And if we meet in person, i can show you the moves that go with the cheer as well :o).

Well, kind of an awkward subject for me, since i am usually not one to ask for help... probably because i'm very stubborn... but that will have to be my next post. I think Frank's Place said it best in his comment about my tip jar/donate button. So I want to share with you my fight and my cause.

Irish twin, Father Sam, little lisa lollipop
Back story:
Years ago I met Father Sam at the campus church in college.  He is the epitome of what one would imagine a priest should be. In fact, I'm going to send his picture to Wikipedia! He is so loving and warm, and he has the best advice ever. While in college, I was fortunate to join his mission group called Project México which forever changed my life.  We connected again years later when we lost our baby, and he spoke at the mini funeral we had for Rylan. He now currently runs the Saint Gabriel parish in Norwood, PA. So like any good Catholic/Christian is asked to do, I will be tithing 10% to Father Sam. I whole heartedly trust that he will allocate any funds appropriately. Here's a recent picture of a Father Sam Sandwich.

My second cause is childhood cancer research, of course, so 25% of my tips will go towards my hospital... where I was once treated as a patient and now work as a nurse. (Kind of like the commercial: not only do I work here, but I'm also a client... ha ha ha... I crack myself up :o)

My last and final cause is myself, duh. Lol. For medical expenses et cetera. And truthfully, my biggest fear is leaving my boyfriend behind with the burden of paying off
                                                        our mortgage.

But tips are not required. I am content that you are reading my blog and getting the prayers out there. I am so grateful for your love and support.

In the meantime, keep praying and cheering with me.
B-E-A-T... Beat Cancer...
Beat Cancer... FIGHT!!

lots of love... little lisa lollipop

P.S. I recently came across this old saying that I had written and placed inside my notebook years ago.


  1. Lisa thank you for being brave enough to share your story. Prayers coming your way. You could not have described father Sam better i see him from time to time at the hospital where i work near St. Gabes.


  2. Lisa, your awesome!!! I too know Father Sam, St Gabes is across the street form our house!!! I just want you to know I read all your blogs and you have touched soooo many lives Lisa. We all pray for you constantly. ANd I will say it again, My brother John is so right!! YOU ARE THE most courageous woman we know!!! keep smiling Lisa. Your posts always make me smile, as well as many others....continue with your strength!!! You are helping so many others as well Lisa. Love you!!!!

    1. Small world! thanks for the kind words, Barbie. Have you ever heard Max's Barbie-Q-chicken joke?

    2. Hello Lisa,

      I love the pictures and that definately is a kick @$$ scrunchie! We had a lot of laughs cheering together. I loved sharing those memories with my kids. My whole family is praying for you and we lit candles in church for you and one for Rylan too. Love you Lisa, keep up your amazing fight. We all look up to you!


  3. Wow...all I can say is look at that 80's hair...rockin that perm!

  4. Hi Lisa. I've been reading your blog daily. Love it! So funny and well written! You are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope to see you soon.

  5. I remember that picture so well...love it!