Friday, March 29, 2013

"this girl is on FIRE"....... by Alicia Keys

No literally... this girl is on fire.
See... I got 2 premeds before my chemo* (*Gemcitabine & Abraxane) on Wednesday. Zofran is one. The other is decadron which is a steroid, and it can also affect your body's temperature regulation. So, needless to say, my body and face especially feel like they're on fire. It usually starts 24 hours after receiving it for me. I don't know how the kids with leukemia do it... they have to take steroids for an entire month in the beginning of their treatment... I would definitely have roid rage. Well... the 'fire' was the perfect excuse to stop and get ice cream at Friendly's. And it was the best ice cream ever! But perhaps it was the company :o).

Well... now that it has been more than 12 hours, I'm happy to report, the fire has been downgraded to one alarm :o)... On a total side note, an interesting tidbit that i learned from my seventh grade history teacher on why dalmatians are associated with firemen. Well, according to my seventh grade teacher (not me), and you can check google if you like, fire companies used to be competitive back in the day. They would even disconnect one fire company's hose, to connect their own so they would be the one to put out the fire. And since dalmatians were known to be good guard dogs, they started using them to guard their hoses. Very interesting. I hope it's true now that i've just posted it in my blog. Otherwise, I may be getting a phone call from Mr Google himself :o)

Well... also had a wee bit of nausea tonight too, but nothing a married lady like myself couldn't handle :o). I also had the neulasta* shot yesterday late afternoon. *Neulasta is an injection given after chemo to stimulate one's count recovery. So I'm anticipating muscle and bone aches to start later today. The nurse practicioner I saw on Wednesday recommended taking claritin one hour before taking the neulasta. Pharmakokinetically... woah, big word & probably not spelled correctly... but it can't really be explained why it helps some people, but it's worth the try. I'll let you know if it helps me, but i just wanted to share this tidbit with you. You, meaning any cancer patient receiving neulasta, duh :o)

Well off to bed now... sweet lollipop dreams :o)
lots of love... little lisa lollipop

P.S. I'm shedding more than my cats now. Here's some wall art from my shower on Wednesday :o)



  1. You obviously listened better than me! All I remember from 7th grade history is building a pyramid and some young man getting caught with a risqué magazine.

  2. hola soy edith,aún que no de me dio la oportunidad de conoserte en persona y de felicitarte por tu boda!!muchas felicidades,sabes me encanta tu blog,aún que no lo entiendo el.todo por que esta en inglés ,me gusta verlo,ase un tiempo atrás en uno de esos libros que me gusta leer de superación personal,avia una preguna la. cual desia q en.un papel escribiera el nombre de una persona que admirar de un artista, o de alguien que me.gustaría ser,y ni repuesta fue Oo no tengo al gien que admire ni artistas ni nada ,.pero. cuando vi tu blogfuiste la primer persona que admiro eres grandiosa no se no.encuentro la.palabra exacta para describirte creo q aú existe eres única suaves te idolatro.,me abriste los.ojos ante tantas cosas .. y nueva mente felicidades a ambos..y disculpa que ande de.metichona aquí.pero eres ejemplo.para tantas mujeres

  3. Ooo soy cuñada de ade el.flako!!!