Monday, March 4, 2013

It must be in the water...

Buenos dias, Lolly friends!

Sorry if my last post was in Spanish. It was a long overdue love letter to Mexico: a country that I fell in love with when we first met in 1996.  Also want to report that I was overjoyed to see that my blog has reached the Netherlands!! See, over the past years,  many Dutch families have come to CHOP for a special antibody treatment for Neuroblastoma *CH14.18 & IL2 to be specific. And there's just something about these families that I just can't quite put my finger on.  They are all so warm & loving. Their children are so well behaved and polite, not to mention beautiful too. So adorable, they should appear in a children's catalog.  To know these families, is to love them.  And I love them to pieces! I don't know what it is about them, but it must be in their water :o).  Gotta go to Netherlands to get me some of the Kaj water :o)  

I did go to the Netherlands years ago on a Contiki tour with some great girls from college. Here's what we got to see:  
Windmills (that's a given) 
Anne Frank Huis
Van Gough Museum
Heineken factory
Coster Diamond tour
Of course, the infamous Red light District too
(The last one makes me think of the song Roxanne
which I love thanks to C.T.)

Sorry, starting to sound like a travel agent. It must be the O'Keefe Travel  in me. *Small local travel agency started by my grandfather, Art O'Keefe. 
Here's a pix of me in Amsterdam years ago.

The Contiki girls & little lisa lollipop in Amsterdam 1999.
My sunglasses are horrible!

Also want to include a quick medical update that I like to call My Nursing Progress Report:
Patient experienced some chills and flushing of face and chest on Saturday evening. Afebrile. Sunday brought fatigue and back aches. No intervention needed. Piece of cake!

Bedankt, Netherlands for your embrace and prayers.
lots of love... little lisa lollipop

P.S. Happy birthday to my brother-in-law, Eric E, who never ceases to make me laugh!


  1. Lisa! My aunt's best friend works for O'Keefe travel and I used that company to book my honeymoon! Small world! Keep up the good fight! I have lots of people praying for you! :)

    Andrea Sucic Hamburg

  2. wow! it is a small world. you'll have to send me the names, so i can mention it to the ladies that work there.. thanks for all the prayers. much needed and appreciated. love you, girl

  3. Good times! Love the picture, brings back so many great memories. Lots of love to you!