Thursday, March 7, 2013

Got Milk?

Well, it's actually barium. Had a PET scan today. *A CT scan which involves glucose and cell metabolism to locate cancer metastasis. 

Anyhows, i thought i was real clever with the whole milk mustache idea. Then, i looked in the mirror... and realized my stache had become irritated. See after picture below...

All i could think is... f bomb... my wedding pix! And speaking of wedding, i just want to apologize for any confusion.
YUCKY, Barium!

We only started the paperwork process, and we aren't married just yet. We're trying to put together a last minute wedding sometime before Easter... which according to my onco calculations :o), will be when my hair starts falling out. Nooooo! :o)

If things were less complicated, we would just go to Vegas and get married by Elvis.  Side note... 
Vegas is on my bucket list.
But my dream wedding would take place in México where my boyfriend and I first met. See, after college, I volunteered for a year at a Mexican orphanage... where my boyfriend (correction: fiancé) was also working. It wasn't across a crowded room or anything like that, but it was love at first sight.  So...  i'll keep you posted - literally ha ha ha. Sorry for the confusion, but thanks for all the congratulations.

lots of love... little lisa lollipop

P.S. Happy Birthday Ellie O!


  1. Great pics Lisa! Keep the positive vibes coming!

  2. Tu eres hermosa con todo y bigote, ya que las mexicanas todas somos bigotonas. jajajajajaj

    1. Aayy Susi. Siempre me haces reir! besos y abrazos! tu hermanita

  3. So very happy for you both! xo