Thursday, March 28, 2013

wedding album preview

Art Museum

the rings

St Francis Xavier Church

Balloon Release to Rylan in Heaven

Hi everyone...

Here's just a quick sample of our wedding pictures. Courtesy of our talented photographer Amanda Young at

lots of love... Mrs. little lisa lollipop

Broad Street photo op
Mariachi Flores
Tequilas Restaurant Dinner Celebration


  1. Oh Lisa you look so beautiful and you both look so happy. The pictures are gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. STUNNING ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for allowing those of us that are following you DAILY to share in your love and joy. Congratulations to both of you! XO Donna

  3. I LOVE REFERRING TO YOU AS MRS. LITTLE LISA LOLLIPOP NOW! And what a fine-looking couple! =)
    I also love the fact that your dress had the word "SAMPLE" written on it! Your wedding day was just that--a "sample" of how you live life to the fullest and give, not just a "sample," but your WHOLE heart to whatever life may send your way! If we could all just have a little "sample" of "That Little Light of Yours" that shines so bright...

  4. These pictures say MORE than 1,000 words!!! They share your story so well! Thank-you! -Julie

  5. Thank you for sharing the pictures Lisa, they are wonderful. And what Julie wrote could not describe you more on how you live your life....always did live life to its fullest.

  6. You make such a beautiful bride!!! So happy you guys had such a great day and congratulations <3

    Jen Bish

  7. GREAT pictures, Lisa! Love them! And you both look beautiful. :)
    Kate Patterson

  8. Lisa, Curt's sister again. The photos are awesome. You both look amazing....Love the one through the window and the Broad street one.


  9. PS if you post the rest on FB I will look you up. Would love to see the video etc.

    You look so beautiful, I'd like to see the rest when they are posted.

    Looks like it was an amazing day.

  10. Gorgeous pictures, Lisa. You both look amazing! My daughter has been obsessed with watching my wedding video, and I swear you haven't aged a day!

  11. Amazing photos! you look so happy