Tuesday, April 2, 2013

i love her to pieces!

Did you ever love someone so much... that you just want to hug them and squeeze them so hard... and never let go? That means you love them to pieces... i guess because the squeezing would eventually cause the person to burst into a million pieces. But trust me, it's a good thing. And that is how much I love my niece, Natalie. I love her to pieces!

It's hard to believe she is eleven years old today. Where does the time go? I remember when she was first born and holding her in the hospital. I remember all the times i was lucky enough to babysit and spend time with her. I remember so many fun times with her, but the best times are when we act nuts together.

She is the oldest of all the grandkids in our family, and she is the only girl which makes her extra special. She is sweet, super smart, quirky, and beautiful. I love that she's an innocent 11 year old... cause i don't want her to grow up too fast. And pretty soon she'll be taller than me too. Yikes!

She once told my sister that bunnies have one leg... because I have one leg, and i hop like a bunny (when i'm not using my crutches). And one time she told my sister that when she grows up, she wants to have one leg too. Fortunately, she's changed her mind about that one :o).

I cherish every moment that we spend together...
even if you bring 20 bags of toys when you come to sleep over and even if you used to make up your own rules to games.  And even if... no matter what... I will always, always, always love you to pieces, Natalie! Don't ever forget it. Happy Birthday!

lots of love to you Natalie... little lisa lollipop

P.S. Moooo. Moooo. Moooo.


  1. You almost brought me to tears here in my office. WHAT ENORMOUS LOVE YOU HAVE FOR NATALIE and what an enormous gift you have both given each other to fill your hearts with that kind of love and to have that kind of bond with each other.
    Those memories will live on inside of both of you for eternity. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL Lisa.... Thank you for sharing this with all of us that are following you on a daily basis! Donna XO

  2. I once told my grandmom that when I grew up I wanted to be fat just like her, as my mother was within earshot and completely MORTIFIED! At age 4, I didn't quite know why she was getting so upset! LOL! I think I've changed my mind about that too! =) But, when you love someone that much, you love EVERY part of them! I sat on my grandmom's lap until I was 18 and "loved her to pieces!"