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Mary Frances
No... not what you were thinking. :o) I'm talking about my beloved cousin, Mary Frances. She was the first born of all the cousins... a hard role to fill, but she did it well and made it look easy. She was smart, beautiful, and loved life. But most of all, I loved her wit and her humor.

One Christmas, as a child, Mary Frances woke up extra early before everyone else, unwrapped all the Christmas presents, and the rewrapped them. And... changed all the tags on the presents, so she would get all the good ones. M.F. :o)

At Thanksgiving dinner, she would entertain us with her songs about diarrhea.
I was walking down the hall, and i felt something fall. Diarrhea, uh uh. Diarrhea, uh uh.
I sat down to eat, and i felt something neat.
Diarrhea, uh uh. Diarrhea, uh uh.
Of course, us kids all thought the songs were hilarious. The adults... probably not so much.
Ironic thing too... is that she wrote the following story while undergoing a bone marrow transplant for Hodgkins Lymphoma. And she mentions one of her favorite childhood topics: diarrhea, uh uh :o)

Little Lisa Lollipop & Mary Frances

Cruising the BMT Ward

  •   By Mary Pinter
  •  Written by Mary at 4am in the morning when she was in the Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) Ward of Jeanes Hospital

I just checked my bags on 5/12 and realized of course I have underpacked with the food delivery service to the room.  I really should be in the right attire (PJs for breakfast, lounge wear for lunch and evening attire for dinner.)

The staff has been very understanding of my great faux pas.

Diarrhea is a way of life here on the high seas and there is talk of having a Monday night measurement party – winner takes all (a jar of what they call here “Butt Cream”).  Trust me you want to win for the cream alone.

I am lucky I have not had to participate in the vomit parties, I am going on Day 17 vomit free (apparently that is a big accomplishment on the ward). – no great prize if you win this competition.

Mouth sores are the next thing to show up.  This is where the Spa’s weight loss kicks in.  If  your goal is to lose 10-20 pounds, you will get your wish with mouth sores.  Mine are slight so I am still packing in the caramel creams and skor bars.

I have at least another week of physical labor- I try not to ask because that way it makes every day a surprise.  (And wouldn’t it be great to hear what you are going to get).

My room is the size of my closet at home but it does accommodate 3 guests comfortably at one time.  Of course as a guest you must wear a face mask, look at a bowl of candy you can’t eat, and talk to someone you would hardly recognize unless you know my brother.  You might think I was him.

Nurse Fran is the cruise director of the ship and Dr. Jillella.  There is absolutely no entertainment aboard this ship unless you consider ----  a comedy for yelling “ Oh, you have diarrhea” to the whole floor and more.

The Ships doctors both visit every morning around 9AM.  All of the other staff are wonderful and available as soon as you need them. 

I have been looking at this adventure as a month at sea ( I hope it’s not more than a month) since there are no ports of call or captains dinners.

I think I will have to teach them towel animals before I leave so the next visitors will get some laughter every day.

My next cruise will be somewhere fun and all of my friends and family (are included).  [there may be (prizes?) so start saving].

Unfortunately, our family never got to take that cruise together. Mary Frances passed away from complications post her bone marrow transplant, and she was buried on her 36th birthday. I'ld be lying if I said that i didn't experience survivor's guilt when Mary passed. Why did someone so great have to die, while i got to survive (my cancer).

To know Mary Frances, was to love her. 

lots of love to you, Mary Frances in heaven. Give Rylan a big hug and kiss for me. Today is his 3rd birthday!! I know you're taking good care of him up there.

lots of love to everyone...
little lisa lollipop

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Lisa, cannot say It didn't bring a tear to my eyes. I miss Mary so much, see always looked out for me when the older boys (Mike & Jimmy) would pick on us younger.