Sunday, April 14, 2013

One day at a time...

Happy Sunday, everyone!
Sorry, i haven't been that present. My energy level has been down along with my spirits. Perhaps... because I'm getting over being sick and then got slammed by chemo. Or perhaps it's the reality that i have only one more cycle of chemo, and then I'll be reevaluated to see if surgery is a possibility: my only curative option. Or perhaps it's because i saw my job posted as a temporary position in a work email the other day. So... i've been heeding my own advice that i often give to the families at work, one day at a time. Because sometimes... that's the only thing you can do.

W.C.U. 1997
Well... my hair is pretty much gone now. Still have a few stragglers though.  My doctor offered me a prescription for a cranial prosthesis... aka a wig. Isn't that hilarious. But i have never been a fan of having a prosthesis... a leg one that is. See... i did use one in nursing school. I guess i had unrealistic expectations, but it's the same as when people assume that if i use a prosthesis, it would be easier. The two legs are better than one concept :o). But in my case it wasn't. Ultimately... this is what a did with my prosthesis.

I made the decision not to use my prosthesis anymore when i was working at a nursing home/rehab place after graduation. Aside from the fact that it was uncomfortable, it was just really slowing me down.

But once i did make the decision not to use it any longer, i felt FREE... And i haven't looked back.
Assateague Island, Maryland

still free, taking one day at a time, & sending lots of love...
little lisa lollipop :o)


  1. Lisa, I am thinking about you and sending you healing wishes. You are a strong individual, I've known that for years and I can tell it is still true now. Hang in there, and if you need someone to chat with via FB or in person, please, please, please reach out. I will be there, I promise!

  2. Sending many prayers and hugs your way. One day at a time..... Your spirit and energy will carry you through each day. For the days that are are entitled to those as well, embrace each day in whatever ways you can.