Sunday, April 28, 2013

Survivor Tree

Hi Lolly friends!
Sometimes, no news is good news. See... I haven't written because I've been away. Thanks to Amy F for treating us to a few nights in New York City to get away. Last year, I had agreed to give a speech at the New York metro APHON conference. APHON is a professional organization for pediatric hematology and oncology nurses. My speech is titled, 'My Journey thru Cancer... to Survivorship.' Hope they didn't think i was scamming them with the title and my recent cancer diagnosis :o). But... I'm hoping to beat this one too, and continue to use the same title in the future. We also got to do some touristy things, and ironically, this will be my third blog about trees. For the record, I really am not a tree hugger :o).

Well this tree, is called the Survivor Tree. After 9/11, workers found this damaged tree in the wreckage at Ground Zero. At the time of its recovery, it was 8 feet tall, badly burned, and it only had one living branch. The tree was nursed back to health at a Bronx nursery and grew to be 30 feet tall. "In March 2010, the tree was uprooted by severe storms, but true to its name, it survived... it embodies the story of survival and resilience that is so important to the history of 9/11."

Here's me and the tree. At 4 foot 10.5 inches, I'm hoping to continue to stand strong like the tree. Please keep me in your prayers. I have more tests this Tuesday, and I have a meeting with my doctor on Friday to decide my surgical fate. And surgery is the only curative option. Kind of scary. Fingers crossed.

lots of love... little lisa lollipop


  1. Best of luck!! :)

  2. Hi Lisa! My friend Megan (you went to college with her) recently shared your story with me, and I have been following your sweet blog. You have amazing strength and a fabulous spirit! I will continue to pray for you daily!
    ~ Dana

  3. I'm a friend of your cousin Peg Forrestal. She had sent your link to some friends asking for prayers. I was so glad to hear you were in New York having some well deserved fun. I'm am so touched by your life story. I so admire you and try to learn just a little from you about perspective. I can't figure out how to post except as anonymous but I want you to know my name. It is Peggy Pearce. When your cousin and I worked very close to each other, we decided she would always be Peg and I Peggy. I live in North Carolina now but will be spending time in Philadelphia in both May and June and hope to get to see here. Mary's daughter's Ryann was born on my father-in-law's birthday and then my daughter had a little girl 13 days later. I have a special place in my heart for you and Peg.

  4. Lisa, you are just as strong, if not stronger, than that tree. You have withstood so much, and have come back with more fight and spirit. You are a force to be reckoned with! Thinking of you!