Wednesday, April 17, 2013

my new norm

When I was 10, losing my hair was really traumatic.
I already told you how upset i was when my little sister had to draw a picture of our family in preschool. Remember... she drew me with one single hair on my head. Well back then i would do a chemo comb over with the few straggly strands that i did have, put a hat on, and think that i was fooling everyone. Now... i've been around bald heads so much, it doesn't really phase me. But I'm still working the chemo comb over.
perfecting the 
chemo comb over :o)

very bald in the rear

When i was nineteen, losing my hair was still hard, but it was different since i now understood. And besides... i had an even bigger adjustment of becoming an amputee. The biggest adjustment though wasn't the fact that i now had one leg and had to do things differently. It was dealing with society. The stares from kids, i understand, but you would be surprised by the ignorance of some adults. Now... after having been an amputee for 19 years, i've kind of become immune to the stares.

A lot of times, the younger kids ones will say that my leg is broke since they can't grasp it. And with how curious kids are, i get lots of funny questions. Like how do get a bath or how you put your pants on :o). Not too long ago, one of my patients was a four year old little girl. Backstory: i usually just tuck my spare pant leg in behind me since i'm not good at sewing. And the right pant leg ends up covering the right side of my bum. Well... this little girl was really smart. She said, "look mom... she has one tushie." And that is my all time favorite comment!

lots of love from your friend with one tushie... little lisa lollipop

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  1. Lisa, your sense of humor is what I think I love the most about you! I remember meeting you as a new amputee at "WET"Chester--I don't think I had ever seen so much ice...We were walking into the lecture hall and you slipped like 3 times, and I remember dragging you into lecture by one crutch, like you were skiing--you and I laughing until almost peeing ourselves! =) You took a situation that may have "crippled" some, and yet you just stretched your wings some more! I knew I had made an instant bond with someone who shared my "sick sense of humor" AND my stubbornness! Humor has helped you through much already and will continue to help lighten the load through much more, I am sure! Love you girl!