Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Sweet April!

Do I smell jelly beans?
Happy sweet April!
Sweet because instead of rain, it's bringing me some relief from the bone & muscle aches. Well, I spent Saturday doing what sometimes is best... i just slept it off.

My hair continues to shed, and my shiny scalp is starting to shine thru. Perhaps I'll need to apply a self tanner... so it's not so darn shiny :o). There's just something about losing your hair... it makes you look sicker and thus, feel sicker. Total side note... i have my front door open for the sun to come in, and an orange butterfly just flew by. And then he came back and was flying against the glass like he wanted to come in. :o)

Easter Bunny & me: March 28

Well Happy Belated Easter too!! Juan was especially happy with Easter's arrival as he gave up junk food for Lent. I tried that once, but I wasn't as successful... I began to analyze packaging like crazy...  did you know that goldfish actually says that they are crackers on the package, so in my moments of weakness, they did not qualify as junk food. But he didn't go nuts with the sweets like i thought he would. My nephews, on the other hand, had one too many jelly beans. Little bit of wall bouncing, and they ended the night with an adorable break dancing dance off.

Although it was great to spend Easter with the fam, it was also a little bitter sweet. See... i usually have to work on Easter, so i spend it with my CHOP family. And i've really been missing work. Speaking of CHOP, I forgot to tell you that I got in trouble twice the other day when I went to get chemo... See Wednesday was a sunny day, and being across the street at Penn Medicine always gives me a great view of CHOP. The hospital just looked so beautiful, so I took a picture. Which apparently is a big no-no. The other time i was scolded for getting on the escalator. The woman at the information booth started shouting after me, "Ma'am! Ma'am! You can't go on there Ma'am!" I guess that was about liability, but i never pay them any attention. I'm such a rebel...  i always take the escalator :o).  Anyhows, here's to April and more sweet times to come.

lots of love and jelly beans... little lisa lollipop
"Scandalous" CHOP pix

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  1. You rebel!! Maybe they thought you would sell trade secrets to N. Korea?